Internal Rules

In order to make your stay pleasant, we kindly ask you to read the house rules, procedures and regulations.



This apartment is designed to accommodate a maximum of 6 people, except for the apartment Aura which can accommodate 8 people.
In order to adhere to French insurance and security laws you are in the obligation to respect this number.
The SAS Ursulines declines all responsibilities in case of injury or accidents due to non adherence to this article (see rental agreement).
The SAS Ursulines cannot be held liable in case of loss, theft or damage to personal effects on site, both in the apartments and in the car park.
It is forbidden to smoke in the apartments for security reasons.
Do not take out the interior furniture and bed covers outside.
Do not eat in the bedrooms.
Any degraded or broken equipment should be reported to the management team.
If the management team is not notified before departure the value of the broken equipment will be deducted from the guarantee or the tenant must replace the broken equipment in the same way. .
Guest are required to replace any missing or broken items (especially kitchenware).
The garden furniture can be moved but replaced after use. In the same way the cleanliness of the places must be respected.
On departure please replace all equipment and furniture in its original place.
On a windy days and before leaving the apartment, please close the windows to reduce glass breakage.
Bikes available their use engages your responsibility and insurance.



Minors unaccompanied by their legal guardians will only be admitted with written authorisation from said guardians.
Pursuant to Article R.611-42 of the Code of Entry and Stay of Foreigners and the Right of Asylum, the manager is required to have the client of foreign nationality complete and sign, upon arrival, a individual police record.
This must mention in particular: surname and given names, date and place of birth, nationality, usual place of residence, mobile number and e-mail address, date of arrival at the establishment and the date of departure from abroad.
Children under the age of 15 may appear on the accompanying adult record.
The cards thus established must be kept for a period of six months and given, at their request, to the police and gendarmerie units.



Everyone must respect the tranquility of the site between 10pm and 8am.
Any additional guests staying in the apartment must be notified and authorized by the management and additional charges will be incurred.
Visits are allowed after being notified and authorized by the managementwithin the limit of the capacity of reception of the apartment (6 people maximum + child of less than 3 years), visitors are under renters responsibility.
Please use your common sense concerning respect for others, calm and tranquility are priorities.
Avoid excessive noise or other nuisance, especially in the evening so as not to disturb neighbours.
The music should not be heard outside the apartment.
If there is excessive noise after 10pm there will be the intervention of the police.
It is forbidden to smoke inside the apartments.
Ashtrays are available on your terrace and are reserved only for butts, it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts in the garden, and in the convent.



The arrival and departure times are at 16:00 (arrival) and 10:00 (departure).
On arrival the renter is asked for the rental deposit (in the case that it has not been paid in advance).
This deposit is returned on departure and after management team has verified the apartment for degradation or breakage of equipment, furniture and kitchenware.
Renters who do not wish to clean the apartment before departure, the management team offers a cleaning fee of 30€.



Upon arrival the renter is asked to check the inventory, this is MANDATORY.
Report any issues on the sheet “State of apartment on arrival” (otherwise the damage can be billed to you).
The furniture of the apartments must remain inside, this furniture is intended for indoor use and should not be used in the garden.
For group rentals: (cutlery, glasses and plates, chairs, etc …) must be returned to their respective apartments


The Convent is a place of relaxation and calm.
Children are under the sole responsibility of their legal guardians.
They must be continually monitored and accompanied by a responsible adult.
The legal guardian are responsible for any degradation or breakage of equipment committed by their children.
You must keep an eye on your children at all times (garden, pool, playgrounds) </ strong>



The SAS Ursulines and the management team disclaim any liability in the event of an accident when using equipment in the garden area.
Children must be under the continuous supervision and responsibility of an adult (legal guardian, parent, caregiver) who must ensure the rules of safety and decency.
In case of accident due to improper use of the games and equipment the SAS Ursulines declines any responsibility.
Children over 12 years old and adults are not allowed to use equipment for children under the age of XX or weighing less than XX.
The swinging apparatus is reserved for children under 4 years. They must be accompanied by an adult.
It is forbidden to eat or drink in the playground.
Chewing gum, lollipops (sweets) and animals are forbidden in the playground.
Management reserves the right to forbid access to the gaming structures in case of non-compliance with instructions and safety rules, or any other aggressive or dangerous behaviour, which may be detrimental to safety.
Users must maintain decent dress and conduct consistent with public decency and the public order.
The playground is prohibited to anyone in a state of drunkenness, under the influence of narcotics or whose behaviour is likely to be a direct or indirect source of nuisance to other users.
Waste/garbage must be placed in the bin provided for this purpose.

It is forbidden to:
-To play games that will cause accidents, damage or degradations such as the practice of ball games, skateboarding, roller-skates, etc.
– Make inscriptions or affix posters on the games, benches and on the trees or any other object in the playground.
-Emit annoying aggressive, repetitive noises (shouting, radios, firecracker, …), that disturb the other guests or neighbours.
-Damage trees, shrubs, plants and flowers.



As a measure of hygiene showering is mandatory before entering the pool.
The swimming pool is under the supervision of the users and exclusively reserved for the renters of apartments.
The garden furniture can be moved but replaced after use. Cleanliness of the swimming pool area must be respected.
children even knowing how to swim should be accompanied and supervised at all times by their parents.
It is forbidden to drink and eat and smoke in the pool (except for plastic water bottles)
On leaving thank you to put the deckchairs in their place and close the umbrellas.
As a safety measure, the pool door must always remain closed.
Opening hours: 08H30 to 21H30.
Maximum capacity: 10 persons



Animals are accepted on the site, under conditions following a request and after authorization, The number of animals is limited to 1.
They must be kept on a leash and must comply with the standards of safety and hygiene imposed (vaccination card is compulsory)
Animals are strictly forbidden from entering bedrooms and using the sofas, chairs and canapés.
It is forbidden to leave animals tied inside or outside the housing in the absence of the renter.
Renters are responsible for any damage or accidents the animals may cause.
The enclosed garden area is in no way a place where animals can be left at liberty to run around, urinate and defecate.
They must be accompanied outside the site and their needs must be collected.
Renters must be vigilant to respect the tranquility of the site and prevent any animal noises that disturb the tranquility of the other renters and neighbours (barking for example.)
Dogs belonging to the categories of attack dogs and defence dogs is strictly prohibited on site.



The Couvent des Ursulines recycles. The bins/garbage containers are at the entrance of the convent.
The brown containers are for waste that is already contained in closed garbage bags.
It is absolutely forbidden to deposit bulky items in these containers.
The yellow containers are for all cartons, plastics and preserves, please place these items separately into this bin.
Crates are at your disposition for all glass items. Please keep the alleys, around the main trees, terraces free of garbage, paper, plastic bags and other, even temporarily.



The apartment must be cleaned and organised into its original state (pillows and blankets stored, dishes washed and stored in cupboards, emptied bins, sanitary and clean bathroom).
Management team will verify the apartment on departure before returning the deposit, keys and any borrowed items must be returned by this time.
In case of departure outside the scheduled hours, the deposits are returned at a later date, if the state of cleanliness of the house is identical to that on arrival.



The occupancy tax is applicable for any person staying in the accommodation (for more information please ask management team for current occupancy rates).
The payment of the tax is included in the price of the stay.



If necessary, a first aid kit is available in each apartment.
Open fires are strictly forbidden.
Barbecues are only allowed in the facilities provided for this purpose.
Each apartment is equipped with an outdoor barbecue (its use is under your responsibility) and a fire extinguisher.
In case of fire, you are required to immediately notify the service concerned by dialing 18 or 112, specifying the address of the convent: Couvent des Ursuline, 23 Avenue de Castelnau, 34120 Pézenas.
Theft: The renter is responsible for his/her apartment and must report to the manager the presence of any unauthorised activities or persons.
Renters are invited to take the usual precautions for the safeguarding of their equipment, the SAS Ursulines is not responsible or the guardian of personal objects and materials in or around the apartment.
Renters must have RC insurance.
In case of theft or damage to the apartments, the SAS Ursulines declines all responsibility.
The tenant is responsible for all damages caused by a third party.
The managers reserve the right to access the apartment at any time.
Sub-renting is prohibited.
Any lost key will be charged 60 €.



The house rules are posted at the reception desk. It is also sent to each renter with the rental agreement and the arrival instructions.



The use of the Internet must comply with current regulations and the instructions given below.

The following is prohibited :
– The consultation of sites whose content is likely to undermine the dignity of others, morality or public order,
– More generally, the use of the Internet in connection with any illegal activity.
The user is informed that the Internet is a network carrying data likely to be protected by intellectual, literary or artistic rights or to violate the legal provisions in force.
The user is therefore forbidden to transmit on the Internet any prohibited, illegal, illegal, contrary to morality or public order and infringing or likely to infringe the rights of third parties including intellectual property rights , literary or artistic.
The user is solely responsible for any direct or indirect damage, material or immaterial caused to third parties because of his use of the Internet.
As a result, the SAS Ursulines is not responsible for the contents accessible by the Internet network and damages that may arise from their use.
The SAS Ursulines cannot be held responsible for the use of data and information that the user has introduced on the Internet.
It is expressly stipulated that the SAS Ursulines cannot be held liable in case of non-compliance by the user with the aforementioned obligations; however, the SAS Ursulines reserves the right to hold the user responsible for acts committed by the latter.
By making a reservation with the SAS Ursulines you agree to accept and respect the conditions of the rules and the general conditions of reservation.