Yoga lessons

Yoga lessons and well-being courses, Retreats, in Pézenas, Hérault.

Yoga lessons and well-being courses, Retreats, in Pézenas, Hérault.

Practical advice

  • Access and respect

The Convent is home to various activities, the garden is reserved for guests of cottages, thank you to respect the calm of the convent and the privacy of the guests.

  • Available equipments

Chairs, Tables, Floor mats, Cushions, Paperboard, Video projector, Sound system.You can bring your own carpet.

  • Dress code

There is no specific outfit for the practice of Yoga, for your comfort, so choose a flexible outfit in which you feel comfortable The practice is done barefoot. Be especially careful not to have the abdomen compressed (belt removed) and to be as free as possible at the thoracic level (bra tight).

  • Food and Hygiene

Yoga must be practiced on an empty stomach. Make sure you make sure that your session takes place far enough away from your last meal.After the sessions, allow 15 to 30 minutes before eating or showering or indulging in an intense activity delayed effect postures ).

  • The yoga hall

The yoga hall is a mythical place. You can help to create a favorable atmosphere (in India, on said “sattvic”) the order, the cleanliness and the calm of the place must be respected as far as possible, to make in the room 5 minutes before the beginning of the course in relation with the calm of places.

  • During practice

Approach the practice with a calm and open mindset. Avoid any competition, judgment or appreciation towards yourself and others.

  • Capacity: up to 20 people