Lakes and rivers


The nearest lake – or more accurately, lagoon – is the Etang de Thau.
See section on “BEACHES” for more information.


The main rivers in the region are the Herault and the Orb.

The best way to discover them is by canoe or kayak, with Canoe Roquebrun (which departs from the superb town of Roquebrun, worth a visit in its own right), or Canoe Reals.
Drifting down the river in the middle of nature without any sign of human habitation for miles, interspersed with some white water moments (of varying intensity depending on the trip you’ve chosen) is truly a memorable experience, not to be missed!

Salagou Lake

A vast expanse of water surrounded by rocky red hills, the lake of Salagou offers an extraordinary sight, the red ruffes (clayey sediments loaded with iron oxide) and the black of the basalt (volcanic) marry with the blue sky and the reflection some water.
Created in the 1960s to allow irrigation of surrounding crops. It also regulates the floods of Lergue and Hérault.
Between Mount Liausson in the north, and Cirque de Mourèze in the south.
From this point, you will have a beautiful panorama on the small surrounding villages. It probably allows the most beautiful view of Lake Salagou.
The sun all year makes it a field of leisure, sailing (Salagou Wind), hiking, mountain biking, family outings, for relaxation.